Energy meter


   Advanced energy meters include features such as wide-range high-accuracy current measurement, fast digital calibration, protection against meter tampering and theft of service. Communication via Power-Line, RF or wired (Ethernet or RS485) are making the meters “smart”. Worldwide standards, like G3, PRIME, Meters&More, IEEE1901.2, and Wireless MBUS are supported by ST.  To fulfil those needs, ST has introduced a reference design platform for smart electronic power meters. The block diagram enables you to select among a wide range of recommended applicable products.


Collapse All Control Unit
Energy metering ICs
One-chip AC-DC
AC-DC Controller
DC-DC buck
Serial real-time clock (RTC)
Voltage supervisor
Reset and Voltage Detectors
Temperature Sensors
Power Mosfets
Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag
NFC/RFID transceivers
Smart Card Interfaces
Wi-Fi modules
Sub 1GHz RF
RF balun
Ethernet Transceivers
Power Line Transceivers